trade stories: aleph geddis, wood sculptor - filson - november 10, 2015

in the carving shed with aleph geddis - eh works - march 11, 2015

with his own two hands - the vista - 2015

the new frontier at bellevue arts museum - sight unseen - april 29, 2015



The Trade is a meditation on the process of tradespeople around the world. Client: Time Inc. Agency: Pigeon Road Featuring // Aleph Geddis Directed // Andrew Maguire DP // Amado Stachenfeld Swing // Tom Colvin Edit // Ian Kalmbaugh Titles // Markus Rutledge Music // Salomon Ligthelm Shot on location in Orcas Island, Washington at "the carving shed" Special Thanks to Aleph for allowing us to film his incredible work.


Farm League presents an original film directed by Kellen Keene on woodcarver and artist Aleph Geddis. Carved over a span of four months out of his studio in Orcas Island, WA, Kellen followed Aleph's process building an 18 foot western Red Cedar totem by hand. His work stands as a modern day homage to an art form rarely seen, with an attention to detail often overlooked in an age of immediacy. Click here for more of Aleph's work:


Aleph Geddis, sculptor and artist based in Orcas Island, talks about his work, geometry and woodcarving. By Renata Chebel. 


Amongst the multiple meandering roads of Kerobokan, Bali, in a workshop within a warehouse, that you would never find unless shown, Aleph is chipping away at some incredible sculptures. Obscure shapes within shapes. Forms that require the most focused mind. He has an upcoming show in Seattle that feature all the pieces in the video. An experience not to be missed. Music: Level Vibes - The Guadeloup Filming & Edit Andy Elliott


A stop frame animation to show the process behind making the original wood mask later used to make wet-formed leather masks. The carving was done on Orcas Island, WA at the Carving Shed. Original concept and prototype by Heather Hansen. Carving by Aleph Geddis and Spencer Hansen. Animation by Spencer Hansen. Made using a canon 5D Mark II and Premier.


A stop frame animation created by Spencer Hansen to show the process of carving the Blamo Character Whooly. Whooly is a collaboration by Aleph Geddis and Spencer Hansen. He was carved from big leaf maple during 2010 - 2011, on Orcas Island and San Fancisco. The Whooly carving was made possible with the expertise and help of Walter Henderson and Paul Lindersmith. Also thanks to the Blamo Toys family Shayne Maratea, Cortlan Robertson, and Mikie Graham.